Keep Your RV Cool Without AC: 8 Helpful Tips


Understanding how to keep your RV cool without using AC will ensure a happier and more comfortable getaway for all. Check out our 8 tips below to learn more about how to efficiently beat the heat on the road:

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1) Shade, Shade, and More Shade

Before investing in any product that can make your RV cool, make sure to park in the shade when possible and create shade when needed. Being under the sun for long periods will make your RV much hotter, which is why parking under trees or anything that can make sunlight stay as far away from you as possible is highly recommended.

Apart from this, covering windows and creating shade inside your RV is another way to keep it cool without air conditioning. Curtains, awnings, and roller shades are all excellent options. We also recommend purchasing a few reflective window shades that can be easily installed to reflect the remaining light penetrating into the RV. 

2) Orientation

Some RV sites don’t have the amount of shade that is necessary to keep your RV cool all day. If you find yourself in this situation, you still have hope, and it all comes down to the orientation of your rig. The direction in which your park your RV dramatically affects how much sun it gets. Always try and park your RV with the least amount of windows facing the sun. If there is shade, make sure to utilize it as much as possible.

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3) Open Your Windows At Night, Close Them During The Day

When night comes, the temperature is almost always lower than it was during the day. During this time, make it a priority to open as many windows as you can and enjoy a nice breeze that will cool your RV. When you wake up, make sure to close the windows to try and trap the cool air as much as possible.

4) Cook Outdoors

If you’re looking for efficient ways to keep your RV cool without using AC, staying away from the stove and oven is one of the number one things you can do. Nothing will create more heat than turning on the oven or cooking something on the stove.

A campfire, portable BBQ, gas stove, or other outdoor cooking appliances will allow your camper to stay cool without the need for air conditioning. Some RV models also offer outdoor cooking options, which many people use for reasons beyond keeping their camper cool. While cooking inside your RV can be more convenient, there is nothing like cooking outside. Enjoy the air, hear the birds, and let all that hot air straight into the sky.

cooking outside keeps your RV energy high and saves AC
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5) Turn Off the Lights & Switch To LED's

Light bulbs can make more of an impact in small rooms than one might think. Switching to LED lights is recommended as it will decrease the heat output along with reducing the amount of electricity that is being used. Apart from keeping your RV cool during the summer, it will reduce the number of times you’ll need to replace a light bulb, saving time and money. 

If you need to turn on your lights during the day, LEDs will become a life-changing option for you. And if you don’t need to have them on strictly during the day, make sure to turn them off to save energy and make them last longer (although, they already last a very long while).

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6) Watch Out For Electronics

Electronics have a much larger impact on your RV’s temperature than many people understand. Unless you absolutely need to use all your electronics at once, make sure to disconnect any and all devices you’re not using. 

You should keep an eye out for items such as your multimedia counsel, your TV, and your devise chargers that are not used frequently or that can be easily disconnected and connected again. 

7) Be Mindful Of Hot Showers

If the day is super hot, taking hot showers might seem unnecessary, but if you can’t live without your warm shower, then being mindful of the time you spend with the hot water open can help you keep your RV cooler.

This means, keep your hot showers to a minimum of three to five minutes and try to take them at night when you can keep your windows open and allow cool air to enter your camper. You can use your RV’s roof vent to get rid of the heat quickly too.

8) Buy A Portable Fan

This option is always on the table and can be an excellent investment if you have the tips just mentioned in mind as well. Buying a portable fan is ideal for enjoying a nice breeze on hot days and they are not expensive at all.

You should also bear in mind the number of things connected in your RV when turning on a portable fan to ensure no unnecessary heat is being produced. Further, keeping your windows covered when using a portable fan is great for getting the most out of the appliance.


If you’re planning a new trip on your RV and are looking for effective and inexpensive ways for keeping it cool during the day, the tips mentioned above will let you keep your RV cool without using AC. 

Apart from following the tips exposed here, you can also take a look at your camper site and know what to expect before you get there. For example, if they have bathrooms and showers available it is advisable to use them to keep your RV away from hot showers. As well as if you’ll be able to park in the shadows and more. 

To sum up the content of this article, make sure to keep your RV’s windows covered (partially, so you can enjoy the sunlight without the heat) and only open them at night, if possible. Keep your technological connections and appliances down to a minimum (only necessary things connected at once) to prevent heat from emanating from them.

Finally, try to cook outdoors during the day and switch to LED lights to enjoy a luminous and heat-free night. A portable fan is always a great thing to have at hand, and combining it with the tips mentioned above will ensure a cool and comfortable RV. l 

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